The genuine men's French Marinière Marine Nationale Orcival
  • The genuine men's French Marinière Marine Nationale Orcival
  • The genuine men's French Marinière Marine Nationale Orcival
  • The genuine men's French Marinière Marine Nationale Orcival

The genuine men's French Marinière Marine Nationale

The genuine Marine Nationale French sailor shirt.

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As an official retailer of the historic brand Orcival, we are proud to present our flagship product: the Marine Nationale marinière for men. Made in France by the Orcival workshop since 1939, this authentic piece carries the entire history of the French marinière.

The marinière is a true symbol of maritime history and French fashion. Originally worn by sailors of the Marine Nationale in the 19th century, it has become a timeless icon of French style. Orcival is dedicated to perpetuating this tradition by creating marinières of exceptional quality, respecting the codes and history of this emblematic garment.

Each Marine Nationale marinière from Orcival is crafted with attention to detail and artisanal expertise passed down through generations. The finest cottons are carefully selected to offer you a high-quality product that is both durable and comfortable. Each stripe, each seam is the result of decades of inherited craftsmanship.

By choosing an Orcival Marine Nationale marinière, you are wearing a garment that has traversed history. From the sailors of the Marine Nationale to fashion icons, including some notable celebrities, the marinière has become a symbol of style and sophistication. It embodies French chic and adapts to all styles and occasions, whether for a casual or more dressed-up look.

We are delighted to offer you this authentic marinière, made in France by the Orcival workshop that has been perpetuating the tradition and art of the marinière for over 80 years. Order now on our online store and acquire a piece of French fashion history.

Explore our complete collection of Orcival marinières, where you will find a variety of models to express your unique style.

Don't hesitate any longer and join the history of the French marinière by choosing an Orcival Marine Nationale marinière. Order now and affirm your timeless elegance with a piece loaded with history.

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Wash and iron inside out
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Mild detergent only
Follow the instructions on the product label



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The true French navy striped shirt

The history of the marinière dates back to the decree of the French Navy in 1858, which precisely defined the sailors' uniform and introduced the striped knitwear. Contrary to popular belief, the stripes were not meant to identify sailors in case of a man overboard situation but were inspired by the tradition of sailors wearing striped jerseys since the era of corsairs and pirates. The stripes also served to distinguish sailors from other branches of the military and differentiate French sailors from foreign sailors.

Before this decree, sailors would go to sea wearing their own clothes, which created a heterogeneous crew. The 1858 decree standardized the appearance of French sailors by prescribing a knitwear with twenty indigo blue stripes on the chest and back, and fourteen stripes on the sleeves, accompanied by white stripes of different widths. The flared collar of the marinière, now known as a boat neck, is also specified.

The marinière was initially designed as a work garment, worn under the jacket during tasks or rest. However, it quickly became a symbol, particularly thanks to early 20th-century photographs that showcased the daily life of French sailors. The marinière is also associated with compulsory military service in France, where each sailor is issued their uniform, including the marinière, marked with their matriculation number. Orcival, based in Lyon since 1940, facilitates the supply of marinières to the French Navy as a supplier.

Over time, the marinière became an essential element of fashion. Coco Chanel contributed to popularizing the marinière during World War I by introducing the "marine style" in her boutique in Deauville. Personalities such as Jean Seberg, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Cocteau, and Pablo Picasso further contributed to the rise of the marinière in the world of fashion.

Today, the marinière has become a timeless symbol of style and elegance, and it continues to be appreciated both for its history and its aesthetic.

The renowned MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, in New York, decided in 2017 to organize an exhibition under the theme "Is fashion modern?" to explore the history and contemporary aspects of fashion. Among the 111 exhibited pieces is the French marinière, considered an iconic item. After conducting research, MoMA identified Orcival as the historical brand associated with this product. The museum contacted Orcival and requested the loan of an old marinière from the French Navy for the duration of the exhibition. Thus, an authentic 1960s marinière from the historical workshop archives of Orcival is displayed. This recognition is a true consecration for the brand.

The true French navy striped shirt

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