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Discover the collection of authentic workwear for men offered by the oldest Parisian concept store specializing in this field. Our boutique offers you a carefully curated selection of French workwear garments that embody authenticity and quality.

Whether you are a discerning consumer, a Made in France enthusiast, or a connoisseur, our concept store provides a comprehensive range of workwear tailored to your specific needs.

Our men's collection focuses on rugged and durable pieces designed to meet the demands of everyday life. Whether it's work pants, jackets, coveralls, or other items, our garments combine style and functionality to accompany you in all your adventures.

As pioneers of authentic French workwear, our concept store is committed to offering you products of the highest quality. We collaborate with historic and reputable brands that share our passion for craftsmanship, tradition, and excellence.

Trust the oldest Parisian concept store specializing in workwear to find men's products that blend authenticity and style. Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide you in your choice and answer all your questions.

Choose the authenticity and quality of French workwear with our exclusive collection. Explore our complete range now and make your work attire a true symbol of elegance and workwear fashion.

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Genuine French Workwear Jacket 1G/5C Organic Twill


Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Trousers 2A/264


Lightweight fabric trousers 4N/256


Workwear Jacket in twill fabric 1G/4


Workwear Heavy Linen Trousers 2L/264


Workwear Organic Twill Hook-Trousers 1G/264


Knitted Virgin Wool Jacket 5U/5


Workwear pants in organic twill 1G/256


Men's Jacket in Felted Melton wool 3E/5


Workwear Blazer in Heavy Linen fabric 2L/24


Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Jacket 2A/5C


Soft Corduroy Workwear Jacket 1B/5


Workwear Blazer in organic twill fabric 1G/24


Workwear Nehru collar Jacket in light twill 4N/35


Work Jacket in light canvas 4N/5


Workwear Melton Jacket 2F/4


Bib overall in organic twill for men 1G/196


Workwear Jacket in Heavy Linen 2L/5C


Workwear Vest in light twill 4N/937P


Workwear chore jacket in washed moleskin 3M/5

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