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Discover our selection of accessories offered by the oldest workwear boutique in Paris. Our collection includes shoes, umbrellas, hats, caps, scarves, and aprons, all carefully chosen to complement your work attire.

The shoes we offer are designed to provide comfort, durability, and protection. Made in collaboration with the best manufacturers, these shoes embody durability and authenticity.

Our umbrellas are both practical and elegant. Made 100% in France with high-quality materials by a centuries-old manufacturer, they will protect you from the elements while adding a touch of style to your authentic look.

To shield yourself from the sun or simply add a stylish touch to your outfit, we offer a variety of hats and caps. Whether you prefer a classic straw hat or a trendy cap, our collection will meet your needs.

Scarves are essential for protecting yourself from the cold on chilly days. We offer a selection of soft, warm, and comfortable models to keep you cozy while remaining elegant.

Finally, our aprons are designed to provide additional protection during your daily tasks. Whether you work in the kitchen, gardening, or any other field, our quality aprons offer comfort and functionality.

Trust the oldest workwear boutique in Paris to find the accessories that will perfectly complement your everyday outfit. Explore our collection now and enjoy the quality and style of our work accessories.

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3 colours sailor's lucky charms "pompom" on pencils


The authentic Breton sailor's cap


The charcoal tote-bag by Orcival in small size


Painted canvas tote bag medium


Painted charcoal canvas tote bag medium


The Ice Grey tote bag, in a medium size, by Orcival


Le Glazik-branded Rain-Umbrella


Collaboration LE COQ SPORTIF x Vétra


Organic cotton workwear cap 1G/48


Organic twill apron 1G/1221CO


The iconic tote-bag by Orcival


Square Ruck Sack Black


The Marine-Hazelnut tote bag, in a small size, by Orcival


Casquette maritime noire


French Beret in 100% wool Light grey


French Beret in 100% wool Black


Natural Rafia like Cap


The Ecru / Medium Beige tote bag, in a medium size, by Orcival


The Ecru / Blue Grey / Sand Beige tote bag, in a medium size, by Orcival


The Ecru / Smocky Pink / Greyish Blue tote bag, in a medium size, by Orcival


Shoulder Pouch Montsouris


Shoulder Pouch Tertre