The authentic French workwear reference brand


since 1927

Founded in Paris in 1927 on the Ile Saint Louis by Edouard Beerens, Vétra has never stopped making authentic French workwear.

Still run by the founder's family, with production still 100% in France in its own factory for more than 95 years, it is now the 3rd and 4th generations that continue the adventure and maintain the know-how.

The brand has become an international reference for true French workwear, the recipient of the history attached to each of its garments. Vétra, \"the professional's dresser\" offers all the iconic pieces for men and women in many colours: the work jacket in moleskin or organic cotton twill, velvets, herringbone in linen & cotton, Broken twill, poplins, heavy linen jackets, pimp jackets or grocery jackets, but also overalls or overalls. Coats are also available in boiled wool or double-faced sheets.

Edouard Beerens, the founder, in his workshop in 1938

The must have

For her

Workwear Jacket in organic twill fabric 1G/4F


For him

Workwear chore jacket in washed moleskin 3M/5


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Workwear Jacket in organic twill fabric 1G/4F


Genuine French Workwear Jacket 1G/5C Organic Twill


Woman's Drop-Shoulder Jacket in heavy linen fabric 2L/6L


Workwear Jacket in twill fabric 1G/4


Workwear Blazer in organic twill fabric 1G/24


Heavy Linen Smock 2L/106V


Workwear chore jacket in washed moleskin 3M/5


Workwear pants in organic twill 1G/256


Workwear Organic Twill Hook-Trousers 1G/264


Workwear Melton Jacket 2F/4


Workwear Blazer in light canvas 4N/24


Workwear Vest in light twill 4N/937P


Double-face Melton workwear jacket in wool 5F/4


Work Jacket in light canvas 4N/5


Workwear Jacket in Heavy Linen 2L/5C


Soft Corduroy Workwear Jacket 1B/5


Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Jacket 2A/5C


Workwear Blazer in Heavy Linen fabric 2L/24


Men's Jacket in Felted Melton wool 3E/5


Workwear Heavy Linen Trousers 2L/264


Organic twill apron 1G/1221CO


Lightweight fabric trousers 4N/256


Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Trousers 2A/264


Drop-Shoulders Workwear Jacket in organic cotton 1G/6F


Bib overall in organic twill for men 1G/196


Organic cotton workwear cap 1G/48


Collaboration LE COQ SPORTIF x Vétra


Knitted Virgin Wool Jacket 5U/5


Bib overall in organic twill for women 1G/196F


Workwear Nehru collar Jacket in light twill 4N/35


Workwear women's chore jacket in sateen moleskin 3M/4F