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Discover the collection of women's products from the oldest Parisian concept store specialized in workwear. Our boutique offers a carefully curated selection of workwear specifically designed for women.

Whether you're looking for sturdy and durable attire for your everyday tasks or wanting to add an industrial flair to your wardrobe, our concept store offers a diverse range of products to meet all your needs.

We understand the importance of well-fitted and tailored workwear that suits the female physique. That's why our women's collection emphasizes comfort, durability, and femininity. You'll find pants, coveralls, blouses, and other workwear items designed to provide excellent protection while flattering your silhouette.

As the oldest Parisian concept store specialized in workwear, we are committed to providing exceptional quality products. We collaborate with renowned brands that share our passion for craftsmanship, quality materials, and sustainability.

Trust the oldest Parisian concept store specialized in workwear to provide women's products that exceed your expectations. Our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal to offer advice and guidance in your selection.

Look no further and explore our women's collection to make your work attire a true symbol of style and performance.

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Danton Pocket Tshirt


Denim elasticated Easy Pants


Navy Vichy Round Collar Shirt


Double pockets Cotton Shirt Short Jacket Dark Blue


Wool Round Collar Coat


Fleece Collarless Jacket Black


Fleece Collarless Jacket Marble


Wool like elasticated Easy Pants


Oxford Round Collar Shirt


11oz Denim Cotton Twill No Collar Blouson


Navy Wool Pile Round Collar Coat


Shorter Inner Down Crewneck Jacket Black


Cotton Shirt Short Jacket Dark Blue with double pockets


Oversized shirt in 100% cotton Japanese denim


Inner Down Crewneck Vest Navy


Beige Wool Pile Long Coat


Zip Corduroy Jacket zipped


Square Ruck Sack Black


Shoulder Pouch Montsouris


Shoulder Pouch Tertre