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Discover our collection of workwear for children offered by the oldest specialized concept store in Paris. At our store, you will find a meticulous selection of workwear specifically designed for children by renowned brands in this field.

Whether it's for outdoor activities, playtime, or simply to adopt a trendy industrial style, our concept store offers a diverse range of products tailored to the needs of young ones.

We understand the importance of well-fitted and comfortable workwear for children. That's why our collection emphasizes quality, durability, and safety. You will find pants, overalls, blouses, and other workwear items designed to provide optimal protection while allowing children to move freely.

As pioneers in the field of children's workwear, we are committed to offering the highest quality products. We collaborate with renowned brands that share our passion for craftsmanship, quality materials, and sustainability.

Trust the oldest specialized concept store in Paris to find children's workwear that meets your expectations in terms of quality, style, and safety. Our team of experts is available to advise and assist you in choosing the right clothing for your children.

Opt for quality workwear for your children with our exclusive collection. Explore our complete range now and involve them in preserving the historical craftsmanship.

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Faouet, children's wool sweat-shirt


Tregunc, the genuine children's wool sailor sweater