Authentic VAM sailor's smock made in France Le Glazik Kermes
  • Authentic VAM sailor's smock made in France Le Glazik Kermes
  • Authentic VAM sailor's smock made in France Le Glazik Kermes
  • Authentic VAM sailor's smock made in France Le Glazik Kermes

Authentic VAM sailor's smock, manufactured since 1928 by Le Glazik

The authentic made in France VAM sailor's smock from Le Glazik.

Le Glazik, once supplier of fishermen, manufactures its flagship garment in a wide range of colours.

Made of organic cotton , the Vam smock is part of sustainable fashion.

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Discover the authentic unisex Vam smock, proudly made in France by the renowned company Le Glazik.

In the past, sailors used to create their smocks by cutting fabric directly from the old sails of their ships.

Since its establishment in 1928, Le Glazik has been producing sailor's smock jackets and pants using the traditional Breton sailor's fabric. These garments were designed to cater to the needs of the numerous fishermen residing in the Glazik region, which includes Quimper and its surrounding areas.

The choice of colors for the smocks was historically based on color codes among sailors, allowing for quick visual identification of their port of origin or region.

Le Glazik took a pioneering step more than 30 years ago by labeling their fabrics as organic, establishing themselves as a leader in the market even before it became a popular fashion trend and motto in the last decade.

Experience the exceptional quality and authenticity of the Vam smock, a true testament to Le Glazik's craftsmanship and commitment to producing timeless maritime apparel.

Since 1928, Le Glazik preserved its authenticity by consolidating its core asset, more than 90 years of know-how. The family business is renowed as the specialist in Breton sailor clothing, for sea-lovers or "genuine-garment-wearers" !

Bretonisch takelhemd.

100% organic cotton
Dimensional stability by SANFOR® process

Care Instructions


Wash and iron inside out
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Mild detergent only
Follow the instructions on the product label



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The genuine Breton smock

Before Le Glazik brand was founded, sailor's smocks were made by the sailors themselves from the scraps of sails from boats.

It is from this observation that Pierre Guichard (picture just behind) launched the first marine clothing factory in 1928 for the traditional smock and the pea coat.

He called his brand "Le Glazik" which means "the little blue one" in Breton, and which is also the name of the region of Quimper, his native town, heart of Brittany.

The brand quickly became famous for the quality of its products and their longevity. A real workwear and everyday garment, the smock has to resist to the difficult conditions of the sailors.

Le Glazik has never ceased to manufacture its iconic and historic product 100% in France in its workshop. The fabric has been made of 100% organic cotton for 30 years now, making the family brand a forerunner in this field.

The authentic seaman's smock has two inner pockets to protect personal belongings during fishing.

This genuine smock is also reversible, meaning it can be worn both inside out and right side in.
Why? Because sailors used to work on their boats with the buttoned side and pockets on the inside for safety, which resulted in the side becoming worn and weathered over time. When back in port, they would wear the clean and unblemished side to appear presentable in the city while still proudly displaying their affiliation with their profession through their work attire.

In the photo: Pierre Guichard in 1947, founder of Le Glazik and creator of the authentic smock.

The genuine Breton smock

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