Our concept since 1905

The story begins in 1905 when Henri HONNET opens a workwear store Boulevard de la Villette (north of Paris, near Montmartre). 117 years later, his “maison de confiance” venture is moved at a new address in Le Marais, at 92 rue de Turenne.

A L’O shop is more than a menswear/womenswear store, it is a destination store for authentic brands lovers, clothes of character fans.
We duly selected quality brands manufacturing, timeless, but today’s wear, that you will enjoy keeping many years.
All these brands have in common that they are family brands, founded by entrepreneurs entirely dedicated to supply their professional clients with the sturdy, long-lasting and functional clothes they needed for their hard labour.
With nothing but unremitting labour, they pioneered in designing and making perfect-fitting clothing, gathered a huge amount of savoir-faire and passed long-term, independence-minded strategies on to next generations. All of this resulted in giving the companies a true identity/soul that cannot be stolen.

Our philosophy revolves around the belief that buying quality will always be a more rewarding way than impulsive purchase because we easily respect meaningful clothes that we understand history; that the respect for the people who make the things we buy is elementary, since manufacturing is the outcome of the design. This is the philosophy, the amount of savoir-faire that we try to keep vivid.

We commit also into supporting our partners by refusing sales, considering that you intend on paying the workers at the price they deserve, as you want to be. We offer our clothes at the same fair price, with the same quality, all-year round. We only retail garments that you shall enjoy wearing for many years to come while fashion and trends come and go.

From the Breton nautical clothing of Le Glazik, to the French workwear of Vétra and the Japanese Workwear of Danton, including the French Navy Basque shirts of Orcival, the genuine workwear designed for the sea or land worker are the Ariadne's thread of A L’O shop.

In 2023 we will open the pre-orders option for the brands Orcival, Vétra and Le Glazik to stay closed to your insights.