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logo A l'Ouvrier

A L'Ouvrier

A l'Ouvrier is the oldest workwear brand and shop in Paris, founded in 1905 by Monsieur Henri HONNET on boulevard de la Villette (PARIS XIX).

To ease pronunciation for our foreign customers, we have decided to name our new address A L'O (our initials) while keeping our full historical name on our products.

A l'Ouvrier supplied for nearly 120 years to Parisian workers continuously.

Specializing in the supply of a few trades, the A l'Ouvrier brand and one-stop became widely renowned in the landscape of Parisian workwear.

Since the beginning, the shop manufactured jackets and aprons in small-scale, with only a few of basic sewing machines. The buttonholes, for example, were made by hand by a seasoned employee.

We are reinventing ourselves today at a new address in LE MARAIS, while maintaining the same level of quality in our selections.

logo Danton


At the beginning a workshop founded in 1931 in Châtres sur Cher by Gabriel DANTON and then a registered trademark in 1935 in Paris, the company M.T.C (Manufacture Textile du Centre) quickly became immediately recognizable through its famous red diamond logotype.

The Paris office based at 40 rue Croix des Petits Champs in the 1st arrondissement reached soon the Parisian public markets and in particular the metropolitan, the SNCF, as well as Paris city hall staffs.

As an historical brand of French workwear, Danton has successfully developed in Japan through a more fashionable and broader collection while still using French workwear features.

Its flagship garment is the reinterpreted cook's jacket, becoming a must-have for many consumers worldwide.

Danton manufactures many iconic masterpieces of workwear, through fabrics specific to French Workwear, others to Japanese Workwear, with a Japanese fit (therefore unisex).

logo Le Glazik

Le Glazik

Maison Le Glazik is the historical manufacturer of the genuine Breton smock, the authentic Breton sailor's peacoat and the famous Kabig (Breton duffle-coat), "made in France" in its own factory since 1928.

The Quimper-based brand has never stopped producing these very hard-wearing garments designed by and for Seafarers, with a story related to each of them.

Today, the soon-to-be 100-year-old House also offers a complete collection for lovers of beautiful and long-lasting garments, for the seaside and leisure sailing.

You will find everything you need to dress the old salt from head to toe: the smock and the sailor’s pants in organic cotton canvas, with the matching cap, in 10 colours, some historical since specific to some harbors.

The peacoat Molène is the epitome of the market, with a high-quality woolen melton close to the one formerly used by the sailormen and the fit of the original Breton reefer’s jackets.

logo Orcival


Manufacture founded in Paris in 1939, the Orcival factory has been based in Lyon since the exodus of 1940.

Specialized in genuine French sailor tops, always made 100% in France (striped top + jersey) in its own workshop, it supplied the French Navy from the end of WWII.

It was the first brand to supply consumers at the end of the 1950s (apart from haute couture brands) this work garment, only bound for sailors formerly.

Worn by celebrities of the time, avant-garde, the brand became the worldwide epitome of the genuine marinière in the 2000s, when picked by the MoMA in 2017 to epitomize the French know-how/touch.

The marinière is both an everyday and fashion top while remaining timeless and never out of fashion.

Today available in many colors, and in different cotton weights, the marinière is available in heavy cotton jersey, medium cotton, aside from wool sweaters... Orcival also offers accessories made under license in Japan: tote bags, jeans, hoodies...

logo vetra


Founded in Paris in 1927 on the Ile Saint Louis by Edouard Beerens, Vétra has never stopped manufacturing authentic French workwear.

Still run by the founder's family & manufacturing 100% in France in its own factory for more than 95 years, the 3rd and 4th generations keep the know-how vivid.

The brand has turned into an international benchmark for genuine French Workwear, as a recipient of the history attached to each of its garments.

Vétra, "the professional's dresser" offers all the iconic pieces for men or women in many colours: work jackets in moleskin or organic cotton twill, corduroy in different wales, linen & cotton herringbone, Broken twill, poplins, heavy linen jackets, horse dealer or grocer's jackets, but also overalls or coveralls : all the French worker’s dressing !